ROBOT UFOCreated by MID and Ferroluar, the Robot UFO is an self-propelled vehicle that combines recycled materials, mechanics, lighting, sound and bespoke hardware and software.
BlausCreated by MID and Playmodes, Blaus is a site-specific intervention produced for the 10th edition of Video and Digital Arts Girona Festival.
E-shoeThe "E-shoe" is the world’s first wireless, high heeled shoe guitar. Made for Chicks on Speed. Collaborative effort of MID, the shoe designer Max Kibardin and
The Particle
The ParticleThe Particle is a kinetic sculpture that experiments with colour, sound and movement. A work by Alex Posada. 
Eristoff Internative Festival II
Eristoff Internative Festival IIEristoff Internative Festival is the first festival of live music broadcast only over the net with interactive content. Produced by MID and Onionlab for CPP.
Eristoff Internative Festival I
Eristoff Internative Festival IEristoff Internative Festival is an on-line music festival, broadcast on the Internet and utilising the participation of the audience. Produced by MID and Onionlab for CPP.
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