YOTA Devices
YOTA DevicesDesign of LED lightning systems, electronics and software for the Yota Devices pavilion at the fair Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2013.
ROBOT UFOCreated by MID and Ferroluar, the Robot UFO is an self-propelled vehicle that combines recycled materials, mechanics, lighting, sound and bespoke hardware and software.
BlausCreated by MID and Playmodes, Blaus is a site-specific intervention produced for the 10th edition of Video and Digital Arts Girona Festival.
Dreams of a faucet
Dreams of a faucetDreams of a faucet is an exhibition that explores the relationship of objects between water and people. Curated by Héctor Serrano and Javier Esteban. Produced by MID.
Connected hearts
Connected heartsInteractive light architecture, which is synchronised with the user's heartbeat. Project developed by MID for +Castro agency and Vidacol.
CibernariumDynamic (remote controlled) and static Signage, designed and built for the new Educational centre space Cibernàrium of Barcelona Activa (Ajuntament de Barcelona).
The Particle
The ParticleThe Particle is a kinetic sculpture that experiments with colour, sound and movement. A work by Alex Posada. 
Montjuïc Night
Montjuïc NightScenography and stage control design developed for Sónar in Montjuïc de Nit, an event devoted to Barcelona's music festivals.
Eristoff Internative Festival II
Eristoff Internative Festival IIEristoff Internative Festival is the first festival of live music broadcast only over the net with interactive content. Produced by MID and Onionlab for CPP.
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