MID has teamed up with Ferroluar to develop a self-propelled Robot UFO. This collaboration brings together Ferroluar’s metalwork mastery with MID’s expertise in hardware and software design.

The Robot UFO has been built using a combination of metal, recycled materials, pneumatic systems, electronics and lighting. It is controlled via a bespoke software, which employs real-time OSC and DMX. This allows to sync the robot’s movements, the music and the lighting system. Inside the UFO a control panel operates the vehicle and the pneumatic system that raises the robot on top of the UFO, reaching 5 metres tall when completely lifted.
This project was developed for Three King’s Parade 2013 in Barcelona. Its aesthetics pay homage to early Sci-Fi and 1950’s japanese robots.

MID and Ferroluar teamwork is defined by and ingenious use of recycled materials and mechanics combined with a functional and efficient approach to hardware and software design. Previous collaborations include the creation of interactive mechanic animals.

  • Pneumatic systems
  • Hardware controllers for mecanics and pneumatics
  • Custom software
  • LED Lighting
  • Sound
  • Credits
  • Design: MID, Ferroluar
  • Graphic Design: MID, PlayModes
  • Metalwork, mecanics: Raul M. Beteta
  • Electronics, software, lighting design and music: MID
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