Connected Hearts is an installation developed by MID for +Castro agency and Danone. The installation registers data from its user’s heartbeats. The user’s pulse is then translated into the light frequency of the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, a national historic monument and icon of the city. In this way, the citizen’s heartbeats light up the sculpture, and metaphorically determine the city’s heartbeat.
The project, developed for Vidacol, is part of a public health information campaign launched by the government of Buenos Aires to raise awareness on healthy cholesterol levels. Each heartbeat donated by the user’s of the installation is exchanged by a free cholesterol level test.

  • Led projectors and washers led
  • Hardware controller for heart rate sensors
  • Custom software for light and video control
  • Web application and database management
  • Credits
  • Design: MID, +Castro
  • Technical direction: MID
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