Ampel Pong, by Mireia Subirana, is an urban interactive installation inspired by Atari’s popular video-game, and attempts to instigate interaction between pedestrians. The work is a physical interpretation of the 1970’s video-game. Whilst the Players of the game are the passers-by, the screen acts as a crosswalk and the traffic lights become witnesses.
Ampel Pong was commissioned by the cultural organisation Experimentem amb l’art and was developed in collaboration with Hangar´s interactive lab. Alex Posada lead the consultancy, which included electronics design, sensors, pre-setting and testing.
Artist Mireia Subirana and her team, MID and worked together on the design of the installation and the development of the computer-player interface. The project was displayed in the public space, near the art centre Arts Santa Mònica centre, at the end of December 2010.

  • Floor projection
  • Capacitive sensors and custom electronics
  • Custom software for interactive video-game
  • Credits
  • Artist: Mireia Subirana
  • Design: MID, Mireia Subirana
  • Technology implementation MID, Hangar Interaction Lab
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