Communication awards 2013
Communication awards 2013The project Seismograph was awarded Gold "Activation Big Venue" and Bronze "TV&Cine Other Screens and Cases" in The Tooth Argentina 2012.
Prix Ars 2013
Prix Ars 2013BLAUS has received a Honorable Mention in the interactive art category of Prix Ars Electronica 2013. Prix Ars Electronica is one of the most well known awards in the field of digital creation and electronic arts.
Communication Awards 2012
Communication Awards 2012Connected Hearts was awarded Bronce PR in Cannes Lions and Gold Interactive Activation and Silver Media Innovation in the Effie Awards Argentina.
OFFF MX 2013
OFFF MX 2013MID held the workshop ¨Bhoreal Minikit: create your own interface¨ at the OFFF festival 2013 in Mexico. OFFF is a festival dedicated to the creation and post-digital culture.
Sonar+D 2013
Sonar+D 2013MID presents BHOREAL and the studio's showcase at Sonar +D, the new area of Sonar festival dedicated to creativity, technology, mobility, innovation and business.
Mira Festival 2012
Mira Festival 2012The Particle is on show at MiRA festival, an independent music and visual arts festival held in Fabra i Coats factory (Barcelona).
VAD Festival 2012
VAD Festival 2012The International video and digital arts Girona festival VAD produces the audio-visual space Blaus for its 10th edition. Blaus is a project by MID and Playmodes.
Phaeno Science Museum
Phaeno Science Museum"The Particle" is part of the exhibition Licht.Schatten.Farbe (Light.Colour.Shadow), which is produced by the Science Center Phaeno, in Wolfsburg.
Merce 2012. Barcelona
Merce 2012. BarcelonaRadial, a live show by MID and Playmodes is part of Merce 2012 festival and its activities in public spaces.
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