BLAUS is a project created by MID and Playmodes in 2012 for the 10th edition of the VAD festival of video and digital art in Girona. The interactive installation has a Honorable Mention in the Prix Ars Electronica, in the interactive art category. This collaboration between MID and Playmodes transform the space of the cistern at the Historical Museum of the City of Girona into a changing atmosphere generated by laser, lights and music. In this audio-visual space the light and sound are combined to impact upon the visitor and the place. The light, the sound and wrapping architecture become the main characters of this changing atmosphere. The association of light and sound is the leitmotif that explores the extremes of synaesthetic perception from within this wonderful giant water tank. A spatial reinterpretation of the space takes place through this architectural intervention. Acoustic mapping, laser beams and mirrors expose specific geometrical aspects of the space. Blaus is a project in a series of installations that started at the Lanzarote biennial in 2012, with the project BlueBeams by Playmodes.

  • Custom laser mobile projectors
  • Hardware controllers for robotics
  • Custom software for interactive scenography
  • Sound
  • Credits
  • Design: MID, PlayModes
  • Robotics implementation: B. Duchesne, Pense
  • Technical direction: MID, PlayModes
  • Software: James George
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