AVIM stands for Audio Visual Interactive Message. This interactive message board focuses on the fundamental but yet unexplored task for brands. the potential of social networks and blogs from the point of view of the consumer’s experience (shops, hotels, museums, fairs, etc.). The user can express views and wishes using video, photo and text format. This offers the vast possibility of communicating and interacting with other users and service-providers. The AVIM system is designed to generate basic qualitative and quantitative data while synchronizing and generating a presence on other social networks.
AVIM is a mode of managing audiovisual messages in public spaces using a custom user interface, a touch screen, and a custom designed module. The software works entirely through a touch interface connected to a computer. The virtual keyboard is generated and run through the screen itself. The camera system has a high speed and resolution to capture the user images and record this on the hard-drive. The main menu provides an option to select the country of origin or language, giving the user the opportunity to find common points of contact, providing the option of recording or playing the messages recorded by other users. In turn, the messages can be text or video and are recorded in a local network shared folder. The administrator has the access to manage remotely the file-library using a file-synchronization and administration tool. The AVIM system can co-function with Digital Signage System and combines with social networks (for example Facebook).

  • Touch Screen, camera and custom industrial design
  • Hardware controller for led systems
  • Custom software for AVIM social network
  • Web application for back office and database management
  • Credits
  • Design: MID, Knowhouse
  • Technical direction: MID
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