• About MID
  • MID is an interaction design and technology studio, specialising in engineering, interactive design and new media. We work with museums, marketing and communication agencies, architects, public institutions, companies, entrepreneurs, musicians and artists.

  • What we do
  • Interactive applications and products, installations, design of interactive spaces, purpose-built software and hardware.
    We are a multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, artists, programmers, architects, scientists, musicians and project managers. Working collaboratively within a team of professionals of different disciplines ensures that innovation and creativity are brought to every project. We continually develop successful new formats for our clients by incorporating this diversified approach with our strong commitment to R+D.
    The combination of multi-disciplinary creativity and R+D allow us to design and accurately execute projects which are unique at every stage. We develop project-purposed software and hardware through following an ad-hoc methodology which prioritises content requirements. Technology is our medium, not our aim. We are motivated by creativity and passionate about the potential of our work to open new possibilities and approaches.

  • History
  • Our studio was founded in Barcelona in 2009. MID’s origins are found in the arts production centre Hangar, a meeting point for creative professionals, artists, programmers and designers. Directed by Alex Posada, MID’s team was devised as a group after several collaborations which were motivated by an increasing demand and social interest in interactive technologies. This background , along with the experience acquired by the management team, allowed MID to become an established studio.

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